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Topic: asteroid CIRCE #34: appleberry Moderator . Posts: 2797 From: Venusian Registered: Jun 2011: posted December 11, 2015 06:42 PM ... palmistry and astrology throughout his life. My grandmother and mother have always taught me that "the spirit" runs high in the women of our family. That our dreams have meaning, our gut instincts are true and.

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Asteroid Circe - Saturn Season Astrology. by Ellie. on August 21, 2022. Let’s talk about Circe (asteroid number 34). I really do like Circe, just like I like all of the “witchy”.

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Tagged: venus mars, astrology, synastry, mystic medusa, . dangeroussailormoon liked this ...Asteroid Circe rising with the Sagittarius sun at birth: the circling hawk,her island lies in the center of the starry seas of the universe.This Circe is not immortal,she's Generation X.Loves art,poetry and other witcheries.Reads tarot and oracles. Chariklo #10199 is the largest confirmed Centaur.